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Collect and pump out water - quickly, easily and cleanly. How does that work? We'll show you:

Anyone who works with liquids on a daily basis knows the difficulties: the installation situations of pumps, screw connections or pipes are tight, narrow or angled. Working efficiently and to a high quality in this situation is often difficult. But with DERBLAUE®, this changes from the first use. And it pays off! What's behind it? Click on the video and we'll explain our highly flexible liquid collection system to you:

Arbeiten an einem (Fußboden-) Heizkreisverteiler mit Komplett-Set DERBLAUE®

Our claim - your advantage

✅ Work cleanly
Thanks to highly flexible bending metal elements and supple sealing lip

Work faster
Work "Hands Free" while our pumping system takes care of draining the fluids

Easy to work with
Always with you in a small pack size and ready for immediate use - in any installation situation, no matter how difficult

The bottom line for you is:

You save money

DERBLAUE® saves you hassle with customers by minimizing water damage. It saves time that can be used to do other tasks.

You motivate your employees

DERBLAUE® ensures that everyone enjoys their work. Where things were difficult before, the motto now is: no problem, let's go! Professional tools are also a great help when looking for a job.

You have more orders

Thanks to the professional demeanor of your employees, customers are delighted, water damage is no longer an issue and satisfied customers recommend you to others.

Experience the difference when working with liquids



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Whenever radiators, valves or expansion tanks are replaced: When collecting and pumping out water, the complete set, consisting of a tub, pump system and helper, saves time and therefore money. Customers are also impressed by the professionalism of the tools and the cleanliness of the construction site. And the best thing is: the system pays for itself after just a few uses.

Service am Wasserboiler mit DERBLAUE® Einfach-Rosette, Rutsche und Trichter 40

Replace pumps quickly and efficiently

When it comes to maintenance or the perfect pump replacement, you can choose from the DERBLAUE® range as needed: In some situations, the tub is the best option. In more complex situations, funnels, rosettes and chutes can be combined to ensure safe drainage without splashes. The funnels, available in two different sizes, have a 3/4 inch brass connection. Simply attach a hose and direct the water directly into the drain.

Get the funnel
Wandheizgerät spülen mit DERBLAUE® Rutsche, Wanne und Pumpsystem

Maintenance of a wall heater

The tub is positioned below the burner chamber so that the burner chamber can be rinsed and cleaned. If necessary, the water can be directed into the tub via the slide. The powerful pump, operated with a splash-proof battery or power pack, pumps the water away at 10 liters / min.

To the complete set
Ölkessel spülen mit DERBLAUE® Wanne und Pumpsystem

Maintenance of boilers or storage tanks

Thanks to the DERBLAUE® set, which can be operated with a power pack or a splash-proof battery, emptying boilers or storage tanks is child's play. Carrying heavy buckets is a thing of the past. What's more: while the powerful pump pumps out the water in a controlled manner, your hands are free for other activities. This is modern efficiency.

Discover the set with battery
Service am Wärmetauscher, Frischwasserstation mit DERBLAUE® Wanne und Pumpsystem

Maintenance of the heat exchanger

When cleaning the heat exchangers, the regulators must be adjusted. It is also particularly important to clean the condensate drains, as these can become blocked. This is where the drip tray comes in, which can be perfectly mounted under any condensate drain. The flexible bending metal elements can be shaped as often as you like and then remain stable. Helpers such as slides or rosettes can also be used here to protect against splashes and to guide the liquids ideally.

Get the tub

Water and DERBLAUE® 🚀

Discover the possibilities of using DERBLAUE® H2O products.

Service am Wandheizgerät mit DERBLAUE® Rutsche

Ölkessel spülen mit DERBLAUE® Wanne und Pumpsystem
Ölfiltertausch am Heiz-Ölkessel mit DERBLAUE® Wanne und Pumpsystem
Service am Wärmetauscher, Frischwasserstation mit DERBLAUE® Wanne und Pumpsystem
Arbeiten an einem (Fußboden-) Heizkreisverteiler mit Komplett-Set DERBLAUE®

Ausdehnungsgefäß tauschen mit DERBLAUE® Rutsche, Wanne und Pumpsystem