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Collect oil - quickly, easily and cleanly. How does that work? We'll show you:

Anyone who works with oil every day knows the difficulties: the installation situations of filters, screw connections or hydraulic lines are tight, narrow or angled. Working efficiently and with high quality in this situation is often difficult. But with DERBLAUE®, this changes from the first use. And it pays off! What's behind it? Click on the video and we'll explain our highly flexible liquid collection system to you:

Wechsel Nabengetriebe-Öl am Traktor mit DERBLAUE® Rutsche

Our claim - your advantage

✅ Work cleanly
Thanks to highly flexible bending metal elements, the products can be bent into any shape. An additional plus point of the drip tray: the flexible sealing lip so that not a drop goes astray

Work faster
Work "Hands Free" while the strong neodymium magnets hold the slide to metallic surfaces (e.g. rim) and the oil runs off cleanly

Easy to work with
Always with you in a small pack size and ready for immediate use - in any installation situation, no matter how difficult

The bottom line for you is:

You save money

DERBLAUE® keeps machines and your workshop clean and thus maintains the longevity of your systems.

You motivate your employees

DERBLAUE® ensures that everyone enjoys their work. Where it was difficult before, the motto now is: no problem, let's get going!

You have more orders

Efficient work made easy: Because the slide adheres firmly to metallic surfaces via magnets, your hands are free for other to-dos.

Hydraulikflüssigkeiten tauschen mit DERBLAUE®

Replace hydraulic lines cleanly

The single rosette ensures maximum protection of the engine compartment when draining transmission oil. It seals tightly around the hydraulic line and guides the oil safely and in a controlled manner, e.g. via the chute into the pan.

Hydrauliköl wechseln beim Radlader mit DERBLAUE® Einfach-Rosette, Rutsche und Wanne

Changing the oil in the final drive made easy!

The slide is ideal for changing the oil in a final drive. Simply attach it to the housing using the magnets, guide the slide into the DERBLAUE® pan and drain the transmission oil. Done!

Get the service set
DERBLAUE® Wanne flexibel anpassen zum Ölfilter tauschen

Easy emptying of transmission oil in any installation situation

The pan allows an oil filter to be changed cleanly and in a controlled manner without the transmission oil running through the engine.

A 5 mm wide gap is sufficient to ensure that the tub can be used precisely in even the tightest installation situations.

The slide as an accessory to the tub makes even high or even more angled installation situations child's play.

Liquids can be directed into the tub in a targeted manner. Since the slide also has strong neodymium magnets, it can be seamlessly connected to the bending metal elements of the tub/rosettes or other metallic surfaces. The result? Clean, professional work!

To the tub

Hydraulic fluids and DERBLAUE® 🚀

Discover the possibilities of using DERBLAUE® HYD products.

Ölservice am Schlepper mit DERBLAUE®

Hydraulik Kolben Radlager Service mit DERBLAUE®
Bagger Filter tauschen mit DERBLAUE® Wanne