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Article: A profitable investment

A profitable investment

We are sometimes confronted with the opinion that DERBLAUE® is too expensive. We are happy to take up this statement and refute it with facts and figures. Because anyone who invests in DERBLAUE® will quickly realize that it is a strategically valuable decision for the company in many aspects.

Expense vs. investment

Of course, it starts with an amount, an expense. Let's take our complete set, which costs €428 net RRP. What is included? The tub, the pump system with power supply unit and battery, the two splash protection products single and double splash-guards and our slide with the strong neodymium magnets for ideal guidance of liquids. So if you invest in the complete set, you get 6 components that are suitable for any use with liquids - a universal tool - packed small and compact in our bag. This means no more lugging around heavy tools - but that's another argument.

The €428 for a complete set is offset by almost free buckets, bowls or Tetrapaks that can be cut to size once for use. If you were to compare just these two starting points - and unfortunately some people do - DERBLAUE® seems “expensive”. But what happens afterwards? What happens next? What happens if your employees can only work with cut buckets? They have to spend a lot of time looking for their tools and/or cutting them to size every time. With DERBLAUE® mine has a tool that is immediately ready for use. This time saving alone has a positive effect on the balance sheet, especially if you have several employees and are looking at this issue over time. This adds up to hours of valuable working time.

What about expenses if damage occurs at the customer's premises? And let's be honest: it's inevitable with cut buckets and the like. Liquid is always spilled or splashes end up on the walls or on the floor. If you consider the cost of repairing this damage and the time involved, you will quickly reach the investment limit for a DERBLAUE® complete-set.

And then there's the issue of the company image...

How much do you invest in marketing? Do you have a modern website, for example? Or wrapped the company cars, equipped your team with work clothes and so on? We are sure that hundreds of euros have been invested here to present a professional image of your company to the outside world. And then you seriously let your team work for customers with cut-off buckets? In 2024, customers (rightly!) expect a high level of professionalism in the trade. And even if your employees go to great lengths with makeshift bowls or buckets, their ability to work cleanly, efficiently and professionally is severely limited.

The most important thing comes at the end: efficiency

It's not just cutting buckets that wastes valuable time. For example, if your team empties radiators and clamps a bucket under the screw connection, the screw connection has to be opened and screwed shut again every time the bucket is full. Depending on the size of the radiator, this can take hours. However, if your team is working with DERBLAUE®, it's a completely different story. Just adjust the tub, attach the splash guard, install the pumping system and feed the hose into the drain - done! With DERBLAUE® it is not only much quicker. The pump system also runs by itself. At the same time, your team can complete other tasks/jobs. So you increase your order potential enormously.

If you've read this far, you'll probably realize for yourself:

DERBLAUE® is an investment, not an expense!


Graphics say more than 1,000 words? Of course!

Impact on the company


Profit development

Get your team the complete set

Get your team the complete set

DERBLAUE® Komplett-Set
Complete set (EU) Sale price€499,00
DERBLAUE® Komplett-Set
Complete set (EU) Sale price€499,00
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