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Working with liquids

At DERBLAUE® we understand the challenges that come with working with liquids. Our goal is to make your work not only easier, but also cleaner and more efficient. With our innovative product range, consisting of a tray, pump system, slide, single rosette and double rosette, we offer the perfect basic equipment for every tradesman and professional who has to deal with liquids in their daily work.

DERBLAUE® tub - flexibility meets stability

The DERBLAUE® tub is the heart of our product line. Made from a fabric-reinforced special tarpaulin and equipped with extremely strong bending metal elements, our tub adapts to any surface and remains dimensionally stable. The integrated soft sealing lip ensures precise and clean work under all conditions. Thanks to the practical tab, the DERBLAUE® pump (available separately) can be easily attached, while the side handles make it easy to transport.

DERBLAUE® pump system - efficiency in action

Complete your equipment with the DERBLAUE® pump system to manage liquids in a controlled and efficient manner. "Let it flow!" becomes the motto of your work, as our pump offers a hands-free solution that saves time and increases efficiency. Whether in combination with our tub or on its own - the pump system is your reliable partner for every situation.

DERBLAUE® Slide & Rosettes - Precision and Cleanliness

Our slides and rosettes are specially designed to direct liquids in a targeted manner and minimize splashing water. The slides, with their flexible bending metal elements and strong neodymium magnets, as well as our practical rosettes with unique fastening technology, are indispensable aids for clean and precise work.

Complete set for the professional

Increase your efficiency and cleanliness with the DERBLAUE® complete set, which combines all of our innovative products in one package. Make no compromises when it comes to quality and performance.